We work with small and medium-sized businesses in the areas of planning, business analysis and process improvement, executive coaching, managerial accounting, and interim management.As a business executive, the most challenging aspect of leading is staying focused on the big picture and not getting trapped in the short-term day-to-day operations.Do you have lofty, or no, goals, and can’t seem to get into action?Are you going to take action,
-when you have time?
-when you have the money?
-when you find the right person?
-when you get back from the holidays?Do you find that you have a million ideas racing through your brain, but can’t get focused?Do you have a vision, but you are looking for the plan, the structure, and the accountability to succeed, or grow further?We can help you find a solution to these challenges, and MORE!  Check out the rest of our website, and give us a call or an email.Do you wonder if your business is the only one out there not enjoying maximum profitability?  Do you seem to be missing the mark in your plans, or are you just not as happy with the level of reward for the amount of work?Whether you are a start-up with a great idea, a mature company that has faltered, or a growing company that just wants to get better, we can help you find the answers, get them implemented, and track the results to determine if your efforts are well placed.
Executive Coaching along with Accountability and Profitability Consulting
We help you discover your personal and business goals and meld them with appropriate strategies to attain both without sacrificing either.  All too often, a person finds it difficult to balance the challenges of both goals and adding executive coaching gives the individual support through an outside perspective.




Businesswoman giving presentation 

A business plan is not just a demand put on the company when you are seeking outside financial assistance from a bank or lending source.  It is a dynamic part of your business that provides the necessary focus and tracking benchmarks.  We work with you to develop a plan and the strategies to carry out the plan, help you to implement that plan and review it on a regular basis to ensure that you attain the stated goals and objectives.
We also help develop succession plans, contingency plans, relocation plans, and perform feasibility studies on plant expansion, or on acquisition of capital assets or companies.



 Businessman Carrying Pile of Files



Business Analysis, Managerial Accounting and Process Improvement
We work with your teams to analyze workflows, activities, waste, workspace, internal controls, staffing, and productivity, utilizing the most up to date methods available, and develop reporting systems so you can make informed decisions
To see a list of industries in which Terry Hadsall has consulted, please contact us.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, call us at 830-456-0472, or email



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