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Now in Kerrville

We’re still in the Hill Country and you can contact us at the same email and phone number, we just have moved to Kerrville, Texas.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The 4 Ps and Effective Businesses


Most owners or executives in small or mid-sized businesses don’t have a lot of time to consciously problem solve, create complicated flow charts, spend time in meetings learning about process improvement, or just never thought it was important.  All they can see is that something doesn’t seem to be creating the desired result in terms of profitability, customer service, and business growth.

One of the simplest tools to use is called cause and effect.  That’s not a new term, we all know about the concept of doing something and then having it create an impact.  It is easy to do a simple cause and effect in your mind when looking at one situation or action. It is not as easy when trying to figure out what is going on when it crosses into different parts of the business.

This is where the 4 Ps can help.  When looking at the effectiveness of your business, start thinking of it in four categories.

*Plant and Equipment*People*Procedures *Policies

Not certain what the difference is between procedures and policies?  Procedures are the methods of accomplishing actions or tasks.  Policies are rules, guidelines,  or directions on how the business or organization will operate.

When looking at problem solving and improving effectiveness of the business, a good way to use the 4Ps and write down the information collected is to make what is referred to as a fishbone diagram.  The diagram below is from


Many business owners are so involved at the operational level it is difficult to look at the big picture with an open mind.  This is when an outside perspective combined with the use of tools like Cause and Effect/Fishbone Diagrams can be useful.

Are you ready to better understand how to improve profitability by looking at 4Ps of your business ? Feel like it is something you would like to accomplish, but lack the time or expertise? Please call us at 830-456-0472 or email us at  to learn more how we can be the resource you need.

Time for a Change?


Business Owners, Principals, and Executives

Will the new year  bring you a fresh start on your bookkeeping and business practices?  Have you or a family member become the bookkeeper and accountant because you don’t trust anyone else?  Maybe your current provider doesn’t have the skills and expertise to handle the growth and changes in your business.  Do you find yourself wishing there was someone to really explain all those financial reports you receive and give you a management perspective to all those numbers?

We can help.  Just call us at 830-456-0472 or email

We work on-site, off-site, and consulting can be conducted via telephone and email.

Best wishes for a profitable and enjoyable 2014!

What is Managerial Accounting?

I have been enjoying exploring the Texas Hill Country and meeting local business owners and executives of small and mid-sized business. The bookkeeping services listed on my business card are usually understood by everyone I meet.  The managerial accounting service we offer isn’t so well-recognized.

I think of  bookkeeping as the framework of recording how money is received and spent in a business. Accounting is reporting that information for tax purposes or to others who have a financial interest in the business.

Managerial accounting is the way to use all the bookkeeping and accounting information to better manage the business.  It tends to be used internally by business executives and managers rather than externally (such as for reporting to banks or taxing entities). Managerial accounting focuses on how to change or improve the business and looks to the future. For another way to understand managerial accounting, please click here.

Are you are a business owner who looks over your financial reports and wonders how all that information can be used to re-direct your business activities, or to support further growth?  Managerial accounting is the start of the solution.

I have experience in small and mid-sized business management and in using accounting information as a tool for managers and leaders in profitability improvement. We can work together on your business.

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars

Managerial Accounting

Using historical data to guide the future!

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New Name, Same Great Services

We are changing our business name from LRGV Business Services to Hadsall & Associates. As we leave the lower Rio Grande Valley to go the Texas hill country, a business name change seemed appropriate. Easier for all to remember and understand!