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What is Managerial Accounting?

I have been enjoying exploring the Texas Hill Country and meeting local business owners and executives of small and mid-sized business. The bookkeeping services listed on my business card are usually understood by everyone I meet.  The managerial accounting service we offer isn’t so well-recognized.

I think of  bookkeeping as the framework of recording how money is received and spent in a business. Accounting is reporting that information for tax purposes or to others who have a financial interest in the business.

Managerial accounting is the way to use all the bookkeeping and accounting information to better manage the business.  It tends to be used internally by business executives and managers rather than externally (such as for reporting to banks or taxing entities). Managerial accounting focuses on how to change or improve the business and looks to the future. For another way to understand managerial accounting, please click here.

Are you are a business owner who looks over your financial reports and wonders how all that information can be used to re-direct your business activities, or to support further growth?  Managerial accounting is the start of the solution.

I have experience in small and mid-sized business management and in using accounting information as a tool for managers and leaders in profitability improvement. We can work together on your business.

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Managerial Accounting

Using historical data to guide the future!

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